1.London is in England.

2.The summer is hot.

3.She drives very well.

4.They open the store at 8:00.

5.Linda is a very pretty girl.

6.I have several jobs.

7.Water boils at 100 degrees.

8.Water freezes at 0 degrees.

9.My sister speaks English.

10.He has a big apartment.

11.A triangle has three corners.

12.My birthday is in June.

13.Books have pages.

14.Dogs are good friends.

15.I work hard.


1.I love you.

2.This weighs 20 kilograms.

3.We seems serious.

4.We like tomatoes.

5.The boy wants to play.

6.You need to sleep.

7.They agree with me.

8.She hears something strange.

9.The box contains food.

10.Emma appears sad.

11.David knows how to fix a car.

12.Daniel and Luiz seem happy.

13.This smells bad.

14.I belive you.

15.We are number one.





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