Once upon a time there is a little girl.Her mother buys her a red cloak.She likes the red cloak so much that
she wears it wherever she goes.For this reason everybody calls her Little Red
Riding Hood.
One day “Little Red Riding Hood” shouts her mother.”Your
grandmother is still ill.Get dressed and take these cookies to her.”
Little Red Riding Hood gets dressed,wears her red cloak.Her mother says
“Do not leave the footpath on Bunny Forest.Go straight to your
grandmother’s house.”
“OK.I won’t mum” she replies and leaves.
She goes into the Bunny Forest,takes a few steps and suddenly a
wolf jumps out of a bush and stands in front of her.She is so
frightened that she nearly drops her basket full of cookies.The wolf doesn’t seem hostile though.”Where
are you going little girl?” he asks.”I’m going to my grandmother’s house at the end of the Bunny Forest.She
is not well these days.By the way my name is not “little girl”.It’s Little Red Riding Hood.” she replies.”I’m
sorry,I must leave.Let me run and tell your grandmother that you are coming.Don’t fool around much and
be late.” says the wolf and runs away.
There is a woodcutter in the forest.The wolf is afraid of him and he doesn’t want to be seen by him.He
follows a shortcut to the granny’s house and knocks at the door.
“Who’s that?” asks the old woman.
“It’s me,Little Red Riding Hood” replies the wolf changing his voice. “I brought you some cookies from
mum.” he adds.
“The door is open.Come in then.” shouts the granny and the wolf jumps in hastily.He is so hungry that he
eats the granny without even chewing her.
A short while later Little Red Riding Hood arrives and knocks at the door.
“Who’s that?” shouts the wolf in a soft voice.
“It’s me,Little Red Riding Hood” she replies.
“The door is open.Please come in.” he says.
Little Red Riding Hood hesitates for a while.”How strange is my granny’s voice?” she thinks.Then she
remembers that she is ill and she opens the door and goes in.
The wolf is lying in the bed in the old woman’s clothes and glasses and he hides himself well under the
granny’s blanket.”Leave what you have in your hand on the table and come here” he says.She leaves the
basket , but she doesn’t approach much to the granny because she looks so different.She starts
questioning her.
“What long arms you have,granny” says Little Red Riding Hood.
“The better to hug you,my dear” replies the wolf.
“What big ears you have,granny” says Little Red Riding Hood.
“The better to hear you,my princess” replies the wolf.
“What big eyes you have,granny” says Little Red Riding Hood.

“The better to see you,my darling” replies the wolf.
“But granny,what sharp and big teeth you have” says
Little Red Riding Hood.
“The better to eat you,dear” shouts the wolf and jumps
out of the bed.He attacks Little Red Riding Hood and
swallows her at once.He feels very sleepy and falls asleep
in a few minutes.
The woodcutter is passing by the house when he hears
some strange noise coming from the granny’s house.The
wolf is snoring loudly.He looks in through the window
and recognizes the wolf.He enters the house , holds the
bad wolf tightly and makes him throw up what he has in
his stomach.Luckily the grandmother and Little Red
Riding Hood is alive and in one piece.They thank the
woodcutter and give him some cookies.Little Red Riding Hood promises she will never talk to strangers again.

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