1)There isn’t enough beer for everyone to have some.
2)have to sit on the floor or stand!There aren’t enough seats for everybody. Some people will.
3)There is plenty of sugar but we need some more coffee.
4)No need to hurry. There is plenty of time.

5)How much money have you got?
6) How many people are coming?
7) I don’t have much time to speak to you.
8) There wasn’t much traffic on the road.
9)There are a lot of people who are interested in what you are doing.
10)   Are there a lot of hotels in Berne?
11)There is only a little accommodation available on site at the conference.
12)I need some information.

13)How much work do you do at week-ends?
14)We haven’t heard much news of him since he left the company.
15)The police are looking for him.
16) Mathematics is not very easy to understand.
17)The children are  finishing school early today.
18) His clothes are very old-fashioned.
19) Would you like some more meat?
Yes, I’d love some  .
20)Cut this off with some scissors.

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